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The lawfirm that fights for workers' rights!

El-Hag & Associates, P.C is a labor & employment law firm. Our mission is to educate and empower every working person in Westchester County New York and the surrounding areas so they are never taken advantage of by their employer. We will educate you about your rights at work and create a comprehensive plan to address your legal needs. We guarantee a relationship of ongoing trust, transparency and communication. If you feel you have been paid incorrectly, treated unfairly in the workplace, or wrongly terminated, call El-Hag & Associates, P.C- a Westchester New York labor & employment law firm.

Practice Areas

Wrongful Termination

Did your boss fire you and you feel the reasons were unfair? People generally refer to this situation as “wrongful termination”. But the reality is that there is no lawsuit for situations where you lost your job for minor infractions.

Unpaid Wages &
Overtime Lawsuits

If your boss has not paid you the wages you are owed or has not paid you overtime, El-Hag & Associates, P.C can help recovery your money. We haves helped employees recover over one million dollars …

in the Workplace

Do you think that you might have been a victim of discrimination? El-Hag & Associates, P.C can help you. We are Westchester New York employment discrimination lawyers and labor lawyers.

Retaliation & Whistle
Blowing Lawsuits

If you complained about your employer breaking the law and you were fired, then you might be a victim of retaliation. If you were fired, demoted, suspended, threatened, harassed or discriminated, we can help you.

Union Formation

If you don’t have legal representation where you work, you aren’t being paid as much as you possibly can from your job. Lawyers never guarantee anything, but I can almost guarantee that if you are working in a company

Family & Medical
Leave Act

One of the biggest problems that arise when you or a loved one is seriously ill is the impact that it has on your attendance at work. The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) …

Low set fee separation agreement review

Its easy! Email us your documents through our secure online portal and pay online. Once we receive your payment and documents, we will set up a phone or in person consultation (your choice) to review your documents and the circumstances surrounding

Jordan El-Hag

Attorney Profile

In founding El-Hag & Associates, P.C., Jordan El-Hag brings over 15 years of experience in advising employees throughout lower New York State with regard to labor and employment law matters. In those years, he has served as the Chief Officer of several labor unions and has substantial experience in resolving legal disputes that arise at the workplace. Mr. El-Hag can offer a valuable and unique perspective on resolving workplace issues due to his extensive background in labor relations. He regularly counsels clients on a host of employment issues, including unpaid wages, overtime and minimum wage claims, employment contracts, severance agreements, reductions-in-force, terminations, employee discipline, restrictive covenants, discrimination and union organizing.

Jordan El-Hag

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The most important thing we do as attorneys is not fighting in the courtroom, its educating our clients and potential clients about their rights in the workplace. Jordan El-Hag, Esq. wrote these E-Books as a way to simplify the law and provide you with information that you can use today.Please provide us with your information so you can begin educating and empowering yourself today. After you sign up, we will continue to provide you with useful information that you can put to immediate use in your life.

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