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Westchester New York Labor & Employment Attorney- Wage Theft 101 (Part 1 of 2)

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Attorney Jordan El-Hag, founder of El-Hag & Associates, P.C, was invited to speak to a class of students at the Westhab/Strive work readiness program in Mount Vernon, New York. The focus of the seminar was to provide the students with an overview of their basic rights in the workplace and how to prevent their employers from committing wage theft. The seminar provides a general overview of your right to be paid properly, how to avoid wage theft, what your entitled to if you are a victim of wage theft, what a labor union is, and how a union can help you make more money and receive better benefits at your job. Part 1 focuses on the three main rights of working people and covers the segment on wage theft.

Westhab & Strive are two great organizations devoted to helping low to moderate income individuals achieve more financial stability in their lives by giving the students and customers the tools they need to secure meaningful employment and housing. Westhab’s customers are generally people living in Yonkers New York, Mount Vernon New York, and New Rochelle New York.  It is unfortunate that their students and customers are the most likely to be victims of wage theft and other workplace violations. They routinely have unpaid wage and unpaid overtime violations and are routinely not paid a living wage or provided workplace benefits.

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